Minionese: a real language or gibberish? Find out here!

Ever wondered if those lovable yellow Minions that have taken the world by storm speak a real language? Hard to believe they do, you’d say – what with all their not-making-any-sense mumbling and babbling – and you’d be perfectly right to feel that way. Having seen the Minions movie with my 6-year-old son earlier this [...]

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It’s World Book and Copyright Day!

Photo: World Book and Copyright Day (also known as International Day of the Book or World Book Day) is celebrated every year on April 23 – a symbolic date for world literature. The yearly event, initiated by UNESCO in 1995, aims to celebrate and promote reading, publishing and copyright. The origins of [...]

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Getting Connected with Stereo MC’s: Carel Translations provides interpreting for an interview with the legendary British band

Tanya Toneva (Carel Translations) and Rob Birch (Stereo MC's) It is our great pleasure to share with you the story of our meeting with Stereo MC’s and Nova TV’s interview with them, during which Carel Translations provided interpreting from English to Bulgarian and vice versa. The musicians from the legendary British band arrived [...]

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Superstitions galore: Friday 13th & full moon mix (or my take on it)

  Photo: Must be quite a challenging day today for all superstitious folk out there – Friday 13th coinciding with a full moon! With the full moon colliding with this year’s one and only Fri 13th, today would appear to be an extra-spooky day for some. So in an attempt to ease [...]

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We Love Crypto Currencies!

Carel Translation Agency is proud to join businesses worldwide that accept crypto currencies as a form of payment. We are the first translation agency in Bulgaria to accept crypto currencies and one of the few businesses in the world that offer virtual coins for payment for services. Our clients are welcome to use any of [...]

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World Kindness Day 2013: Bulgaria joins worldwide celebrations as dance-for-kindness craze takes over Varna

Photo credit to Bulgaria: Varna - LVI Dance for Kindness 2013 World Kindness Day is celebrated on November 13th. "The purpose of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion; and realise we are citizens of the world." - Australian [...]

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Happy International Translation Day 2013!

International Translation Day, also known as St. Jerome's Day, is celebrated by language professionals on 30th September each year. St Jerome, considered to be the patron saint of translators and interpreters worldwide, translated the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into Latin (382 - 405 C.E.), which was the language of the people in those ancient times - [...]

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Just take the first step in faith

  Here's a great quote to end the working week with - and a lovely desktop wallpaper you can feel free to download if you want. How many of you have waited until you knew everything there is to know about something, before you set out to do it? I know I never have and [...]

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Carel Translations interpreting for DER SPIEGEL

  Lukas Eberle (DER SPIEGEL), Armen Nazaryan,Tanya Toneva (Carel Translations)PHOTO: Nikolay Doychinov for DER SPIEGEL It is my pleasure to tell you more about an exciting interpreting assignment that Carel Translations handled recently – an interview of our national wrestling team’s head coach Armen Nazaryan for DER SPIEGEL. Around the end of March [...]

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Lost in translation or our Friday fun compilation (rhyme unintented)

Friday is here and so is our Friday fun post for you! We've compiled a small selection of some funny translations/language blunders for you, because what better way to finish the working week than with a few good laughs? (OK, we all know there ARE other good ways but not many of them feasible while [...]

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