Friday thoughts: International Thank You Day (and why it is important to be thankful)

Today being International Thank You Day prompted me to write a few words about the importance of being thankful. And I am obviously not referring to merely displaying good manners by saying please and thank you. There’s a lot more to the words “thank you” than just good manners. Truth is, we all have millions [...]

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Season’s greetings from Carel Translations

Here's our special holiday greeting to all of you - our valued clients and partners! We look forward to be of service to you again in the New Year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Warm regards, Carel Translations team

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Friday fun: Christmas!

With the holiday season upon us, some sort of a Christmas post was bound to find its way here sooner or later. Today being Friday as well though prompted me to make it a proper end-of-the-working-week fun read. I came across a hilarious selection of funny/silly Christmas warnings and signs, some of which had me [...]

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International Translation Day 2012 around Europe

Today's post is of course dedicated to Sep 30th - International Translation Day. Here's a brief overview of the various events organised in celebration of ITD 2012 across Europe. In London, several British literary organizations are hosting a special symposium to mark the occasion. The event is expected to bring together translators, students, publishers, booksellers, [...]

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Some random Friday musings

Right. Here we are, yet another full month slipping away without a single post to light up Carel’s blog. Not that there isn’t a whole lot of stuff I could share with those of you kind enough to devote a few minutes to this space every now and then - but lately, time is the [...]

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More practical tips for effective foreign language learning

Wow – if this space isn't more deserted than a desert (pun intended), I don't know what is! With many new assignments and interesting new projects going on lately here at Carel, I hadn’t even realized a whole month has surreptitiously slipped by since my last post on here! Well, time to rectify that - [...]

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Easter in Bulgaria, Friday 13th and more

With Easter holidays upon us this week, an Easter-related post was bound to sneak its way here. The true reason why I felt compelled to devote a piece on this particular week of the year though is a bit more personal - this year’s “Holy week” happens to be quite occasion-packed for me – first [...]

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Learning a foreign language: experience-derived tips (part II)

Today we’ll focus again on some more practical tips for learning a foreign language – in continuation of our first post of this series. 1. Time management: yes, the constant lack of time is a chronic issue for most of us in today’s hectic world. When you’re pressed for time due to a plethora of [...]

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Happy St. Patrick’s day!

No wonder Guinness is currently attempting to get St Patrick’s Day officially recognized by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ as ‘The Friendliest Day of the Year’ – I mean, does anyone know of another country’s national holiday that is so widely observed and celebrated around the world? It’s a rhetorical question, of course - we all know [...]

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Here’s to all the ladies!

In honor of March 8th – International Women’s day, today’s post is of course dedicated to all the ladies. Being a woman myself, I couldn’t help but mark the occasion by putting together a piece on some fun and perhaps not that well known facts about us – mixed with other stuff about us that [...]

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