Children and foreign language learning

In honor of the International Children’s Day (yesterday, 1 June), today’s post will be dedicated to children and foreign language learning. Whether or not foreign languages should be studied is not something that should even be discussed. In today’s globalized world, speaking a foreign language is so much more than just a nice addition to [...]

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May 24th – celebrating Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature

Today’s post will be dedicated to 24th May – Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day - the brightest Bulgarian holiday. It is my great pleasure to introduce all of our foreign readers to the following exciting journey back to the very roots of the Bulgarian language and the people behind its creation. St. [...]

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English to Bulgarian translation of 5pm time management software

It all started when our Project Manager Peter Dimov recommended 5pm time management software to me. We had been looking into similar products available online, searching for the one that would best match our company-specific needs. Then Peter brought 5pm up (he had been a paying user for quite some time) and suggested [...]

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Building rapport and trust: the key to repeat business

If you are: a) wondering how to attract new customers and/or b) trying to get your existing clients to keep coming back to you – then read on. The key factor for getting more repeat business, regardless of which of the above two scenarios you are in, is building rapport and trust. True, it takes [...]

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How to recognize a translation job scam

Hello fellow-translators, I’ve come across quite a few translation job scams recently. Fortunately, I’ve been wary enough not to fall for their fake offers, but others might not be so lucky – therefore I thought I’d share with you all some tips on how to recognize a true translation job scam. One or two of [...]

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“Everyone smiles in the same language.” ~Author Unknown

We all need to smile more often! I know it sounds easier said than done when you’ve had a rough day, week, or even a month…but trust me, it IS worth it and it DOES pay off big time. Not only is smiling capable of instantly getting you in a better mood and relieving you [...]

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Welcome to our new site

If you are reading this post that would mean that the development and planning efforts our team has put into reviving Carel Translations website and brand are working!

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Rusinka Dimova – Partner and Senior Translator

Mrs. Dimova has more than 40 years of translations experience.  After a successful career in the maritime and information technology, Rusinka creates Carel Ltd as a translation and legalization bureau. During the years she has developed an extensive portfolio of projects ranging from finance and engineering to computer science and medical equipment. As a senior [...]

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Tanya Toneva – Partner and Sales Manager

Mrs. Toneva has over 15 years of experience in areas such as hospitality, customer service and sales, including international work experience in the UK. Tanya’s innate passion for challenges brought her the 1st Prize in an Essay-Writing Competition in English that she took part in during the last year of her university studies. Prior to [...]

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Peter Dimov – Partner & Project Manager

Mr. Dimov has been a sworn translator since 2001. His interests are mainly in the IT field - hardware, networking, software localization, web services and applications. After moving to USA in 2008 most of his projects include search engine optimization, multilingual website optimization, search engine marketing and social media. You can learn more about Peter's [...]

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